Boxed List

Size: 35m2
Capacity: 1-3 persons

Ivana Brlić-Mažuranić Room A spectacular two-story retreat spanning an expansive 35m2. Inspired by the great Croatian writer, this room is a testament to space, tranquility, and the enchanting world of fairy tales.

Size: 20m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

Vatroslav Lisinski Room A spacious 20m2 retreat that pays homage to the life and work of the esteemed Croatian composer. This room is a symphony of comfort and inspiration, offering a unique experience inspired by Lisi

Size: 17m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

Dimitrija Demeter Room A cozy 17m2 haven that exudes charm and character. Dedicated to Dimitrija Demeter, this room invites you into a space where every detail is designed to offer comfort and a touch of historical all

Size: 25m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

Kontesa Klotilda Room A charming 25m2 retreat that captures the spirit of elegance and historical allure. This room, dedicated to Kontesa Klotilda, invites you into an ambiance where every detail reflects sophisticatio

Size: 30m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

Antun Gustav Matoš Room A spacious 30m2 sanctuary that pays tribute to the esteemed Croatian writer. Immerse yourself in a literary atmosphere where evocative sketches inspired by Matoš’s literary masterpieces

Size: 22m2
Capacity: 1-2 persons

August Šenoa Room A snug 22m2 haven paying tribute to the revered Croatian author. Immerse yourself in a literary ambiance where sketches inspired by Šenoa’s timeless works adorn the walls, weaving an exquisite